Common Mistakes Before, During, and After a DUI Arrest

Common Mistakes Before, During, and After a DUI Arrest

Getting charged with a DUI is usually after deciding to drink and drive. To be fair-most DUI arrests occur after drinking. On the other hand, other drugs may also cause DUI (a common mistake). So let’s get started. What can you do to avoid mistakes before, during, and after DUI’s arrest?

Making Use Of Legal Drugs – and Illegal Ones

A critical mistake people make is that they ignore DUI and do not mean “alcohol only.” Even the use of legal drugs can cause DUI. If you take any legal medications that affect your ability to drive, you need to pay. Some people even use illegal drugs and drive, thinking that it will not affect their abilities. You can check for legal and illegal drugs through blood tests; if the police officer thinks you are obviously under the influence of some drug, he or she can arrest you on the spot. Once you have blood drawn and sometimes urinalysis, all medicines in the system will show up. This is no better than drunk driving. Therefore, please ask your doctor whether legal drugs will affect your ability to drive and not mix illegal drugs with driving.

Thinking You Can Still Drive

If you watch sports, you might hear “Monday morning quarterback.” Well, yes, you can say, “Don’t drive under the influence,” but sometimes, you may make mistakes. It is essential to know that no alcohol and drugs can be mixed with driving safely. However, not all legal drugs affect your ability to drive; you need to find out. Most commonly, those who are driving under the influence think they are right. Drunk driving is the leading cause of death in all 50 states because of such decisions. Even if you have only a few drinks, you should be safe and avoid driving. Alcohol affects everyone differently.

Telling the Officer too Much

Once you are arrested, the police officer will read your rights clearly for you. Listen to them, because what you say may be against you. Do not give the police officer any information that might hurt your case. This does not mean you are lying. It means that you do not create a problem before facing the judge.

Not Hiring a Lawyer

The greatest mistake in DUI cases is not hiring a lawyer. There are some significant scary tales when it concerns drivers representing themselves in court:

  • approving a plea bargain too early
  • not knowing when as well as just how to existing proof, not aware of just how the laws are written
  • a list of various other mistakes

Hiring a lawyer is the best choice you can make.

Paying attention to the advice

Yes, you can listen to advise from friends and relatives who have experienced similar situations. But only to a certain extent. Your lawyer is your legal professional, not your relative, who defeated a DUI. No two DUI cases are precisely alike.

Waiting to Hire a Lawyer

In addition to hiring a lawyer, you might think that calling a few days before the trial is enough. Your DUI lawyer needs to be able to prepare for your case. This means you should hire one immediately. If you call the DUI lawyer one or two days before the trial, you will not have the opportunity to collect evidence, witnesses, and experts. At least give your lawyer a few weeks to a month to prepare.

Accepting Plea Bargains

Finally, those who do not hire a lawyer and believe they are guilty will often take uses the prosecution makes. This also is a mistake. By accepting the charges, you are accepting the penalties. If you hire a lawyer, this mistake is lacking; however, be wary of plea bargains if you do not.